Welcome to YOUNG AMERICAN Hard Cider!
We’re a small-batch, craft cidery, offering traditional, gluten free, hard cider crafted using apples sourced from local, PA orchards.

We didn’t invent hard cider, we just love the process!

From September to May, we gather fresh pressed juice and ferment cider using the same methods used by the early American settlers who inspired our name. Over the course of several months, our small batch aging process yields a wide range of palate pleasing varieties and complex flavors.

We agree: better ingredients, better cider.

We believe in using minimal ingredients for maximum flavor. That’s why you’ll only find all natural cider, yeast, and 100% organic fruit juices and crispy carbonation in each of our batches. Our simple fermenting process means more of the taste you love without added sugars and excess ingredients!

Keeping it in the family…

In support of local, farm economy we source fresh-pressed apple from Pennsylvania orchards for premium freshness. All of our ciders are fermented onsite at our facility in the historic Germantown neighborhood (Philadelphia, PA). Stay tuned: Tasting room, coming soon (Fall 2019)!